BTS live concert movie, releasing again.. ‘Yes, its BTS’ 

[The Fact|Intern Reporter Heejoo Kim] The actual live concert of the idol group ‘BTS’ can be watched as movies.
ScreenX, the production company of the BTS live concert film ‘LOVE YOURSELF IN SEOUL’, released its 2D trailer on the 19th. According to the producer, the film will be released with screen X and 2D contents worldwide on January 26, 2019.

The trailer featured the fancy stage of BTS with their worldwide hit song ‘IDOL’. BTS’ unique charm, outstanding performance, each member’s individuality, as well as the moment where BTS becomes one with tens of thousands of their fans can be seen in this film.

The overseas reservation began on the 18th through their official overseas reservation site and the current market size of 88 countries and regions will gradually increase its releasing countries more. In other countries, the 2D version will be screened in the event cinema format for a day in each country, and the Screen X version will be screened for up to two weeks. For Korea, both 2D and Screen X will be screened for up to two weeks, and the reservations will be open in January 2019.

The movie ‘LOVE YOURSELF IN SEOUL’ is a content where the concert of BTS in Seoul can be enjoyed as same as live in the cinema, and it is the starting point of their tour ‘LOVE YOURSELF’ which consists of 42 concerts to be held in 20 cities worldwide. 

The film will be showing on January 26, 2019 at CGV and CGV Screen X nationwide in Korea. 
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