f(x) Luna (belongs to SM Entertainment), who came back with the digital single album ‘Even So’, is releasing her two M/Vs of her track lists in Order.

Luna, has released her M/V of the track ‘Do You Love Me’ on the 8th at 12 noon through official website as well as other channels such as YouTube, NaverTV, SMTOWN, etc. And another M/V of the track ‘BYE BYE’ will release at 6 pm on the 9th and is expected to catch the attentions. This single album which was released on the 4th consists of three tracks with the title song ‘Even So’ as well as the track ‘Do You Love Me’ and ‘Bye Bye’, which Luna participated herself in writing and composing the songs. Also, M/Vs of all tracks will be available where the colorful music sensitivity and attraction of Luna can be met.

Meanwhile, Luna is attending ‘MBS MUSIC Show! Champion’ on January 9th and will perform two stages with ‘Even So’ and ‘Do You Love Me’.

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