The singer Hwang Chiyeul has released the tracklist of the new album ‘The Four Seasons’.

Hwang Chiyeul, through the official SNS account, released the track list of the 2nd full album ‘The Four Seasons’, and increased the expectations towards the new album. The released track lists contain a total of 11 tracks including the title song ‘Towards Farewell’, as well as ‘Heartless Word’, ‘I Loved You’, ‘Don’t Forget Me Easily’, ‘Nice Girl’, ‘Adult Disease’, ‘Do You Know’, ‘Hug’, ‘A Wind of You’, ‘Compliment’, ‘You are within Me’, etc.

Hwang Chiyeul has participated in the lyrics of all songs and composing in some tracks, and has showed off the singer song writer side of his. Also, he also participated in producing all tracks of the album. Other than that, composers Lee Rae Eon, LAVISS, and Phenomenotes as well as Hong Ji Yoo and Lee Changhyun, hit makers also participated as well.

The new album ‘The Four Seasons’ is an album that expresses with the emotion of Hwang Chiyeul about various love stories from the beginning of love to farewell and another beginning in comparison with the four seasons of love. 

Meanwhile, Hwang Chiyeul will be releasing his 2nd full album ‘The Four Seasons’ at 6 pm of 21st afternoon and will start his activity with his title track ‘Towards Farewell.

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