- Lovelyz, ‘LOVELYZ WINTER CONCERT 3’ Coming February Sold out … ‘Ticket Power’ Prove

The girl group Lovelyz has showed off the amazing ticket power once again.

The agent Woollim Entertainment has disclosed that the first solo concert of 2019 ‘The Winter Concert of Lovelyz 3’ tickets has opened in Melon Tickets and the tickets of all dates and all seats were sold out by 1 min.

‘Winter Concert of Lovelyz’, the first debut concert’, as a start, recorded 4 consecutive sold outs for their concerts including ‘Alwayz’, ‘Winter Concert of Lovelyz 2’, and ‘Winter Concert of Lovelyz 3’.

The ‘Winter Concert of Lovelyz 3’, the first concert of Lovelyz in 2019, as the 3rd continue story of their first debut concert ‘Winter Concert of Lovelyz’, will be held at the Main Auditorium of Yonsei University in Seoul for four days from February 14~17.

Meanwhile, Lovelyz is active with the recent song ‘Rewind’ and the regular tickets for the concert will be open at 8 pm of the 16th afternoon.

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