[THE FACT] Aron of the group Nu’Est W ranked first for 10 consecutive weeks on Individual Ranking of ‘FANNSTAR’. By Aron entering the Hall of Fame, all members of Nu’Est W have been listed on the ‘Hall of Fame’ in FANNSTAR.

Super Junior ranked 1st by getting 553,117 votes on individual ranking in 2nd week of December from December 10 ~ 17 held by ‘FANNSTAR’. Followed by Kang Daniel of Wanna One with 347,234 votes as 2nd, and followed by Donghun of A.C.E with 107,168 votes as 3rd place.

‘FANNSTAR’ screens congratulatory video for the individuals who have been in the 1st place for 5 consecutive weeks in Hongdae Station, Korea and in Shinjuku, Japan. Also, if the individual records 10 consecutive weeks of 1st place, they enter in Hall of Fame. ‘FANNSTAR’ also provides various benefits such as screening the impression video of the artists in displays located in Korea and Japan. Aron ranked first place for 10 weeks from October 8 up to December 10 and entered ‘Hall of Fame’.

With the news of Aron being 1st place, the nickname '아름아리땁냥' said, "Even cold winter is warm like spring if I’m with Aron. Aron who always gives us happiness, Congratulations on being first place for 10 consecutive weeks! Love will be your spring moving forward. Hope your days will be warm and happy. We love you forever”. The nickname '고급지네' said, "Our Aron who is thankful even by your existence. Congratulations on being first place and entering Hall of Fame. My 2018 was very happy because of Aron and let’s work together for us to be heaven to each other in 2019”.

Meanwhile, ‘FANNSTAR’, as the new name of ‘Click StarWars’, means to make fans and idol stars to be together.

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