Daniel Kang has set a record once again. 

The official fan café of Daniel Kang which officially opened at noon on the 21st, has exceeded 100,000 members by 3:34 am on the 23rd morning. The fan ranking has kept its first place since its opening and proved its hot popularity.

The attention of the public is attracted since the result was achieved in 39 hours and 34 minutes after Daniel Kang’s official fan café was opened and is the shortest time record for an idol to achieved 100,000 members registered.

It also has proven its unrivaled influence with the record of 13 hours ahead of the time (52 hours and 50 minutes) that WANNA ONE’s official fan café reached 100,000 members. 

Previously, Daniel Kang also recorded in Guinness with the shortest period of reaching 1 million followers over the record of the Pope Francisco, which was achieved in 11 hours and 36 minutes after the official Instagram was opened on the 1st day of the month.

As such, Daniel Kang has breaking records everyday with his solid fandoms over the world and is showing the ‘Daniel Kang Effect’.

In particular, these records are even more astonishing since its Daniel Kang who is about to stand alone as solo artist, not as a group.
Meanwhile, Daniel Kang is currently preparing for his solo debut after the official activities of Wanna One has ended.

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