Unveiled Girl Group 'ITZY'

[THE FACT] JYP Entertainment (JYP) is launching new girl group consists of 5 members, ‘ITZY’.

JYP released 'PROLOGUE FILM : ITZY? ITZY!' on the 21st midnight, in official YouTube, Naver TV, VLIVE, and SNS channels.

With this, as first introduction video of the new girl group of JYP, the name ‘ITZY’ and the identity of the members were revealed. The members appearing in the video together with the thrilling music were total of five, Yuna, Ryujin, Chaeryeong, Lia, and YeJi. 

In addition to having plenty of attractions and things to see in the video, the name of the team “itzy?’, ‘Itzy!’ was introduced at the end of the video, and it raises the curiosity of the public on when they will be making their debut with what kind of musical color and performances.

The project related to the debut of 'ITZY' will be releasing soon.

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