Kim JaeHwan has released the thanking video together with the impression of the end of WANNA ONE through the official SNS on the 28th. 

“I learned a lot and was able to grow more while pursuing Wanna One activities. Thank you so much to our WANNABLES who have been big strength beside Wanna One.”, said Kim JaeHwan in the released video.
“Please don’t forget Wanna One and hope we can be one of your happy memories. Please support and expect for the future Kim JaeHWan, and also for the future of our members. Thank you and I love you”.

On the other hand, Kim JaeHwan, who finished his activity as a member of Wanna One by finishing the 2019 Wanna One Concert ‘Therefore’ successfully held last 24th to 27th, plans to meet the fans by continuing his various music. 

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