[The Fact] An idol weekly website FAN N STAR operate by The Fact, has released an electronic display board showing in Korea and Japan, successfully supporting the new starts of the WANNA ONE.

FAN N STAR released a photo showing the support for WANNA ONE on the electronic display board on subway line 2 in Seoul on Sunday. On December 28, FAN N STAR opened the WANNA ONE Support event and achieved 200 percent. The advertisement for large screens located in Tokyo, Japan, and 43 subway stations on Seoul subway lines, has been confirmed 21 to 28.

The released video lists the comments and photos of fans who participated in WANNA ONE's support. Some of the fans said, "lovely WANNA ONE I’ve been so happy because of you guys”, “Did Good Job WANNA ONE!”, “I hope to see you again love you WANNA ONE”

The FAN N STAR will hold a "The Fact FAN N STAR Festival" at the southeastern sports center in Incheon this coming April 24.

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