[The Fact] 'Congratulations on Yeri's special day.

An idol weekly ranking website “FAN N STAR”, said on last 9th, "We are currently working on supporting the birthday of the group Red Velvet Ye ri." "This is an electronic display board project to celebrate Yeri's birthday on the 5th of next month."

It is a support type event where fans of South Korea, China, and Japan can participate directly, and success of the project will be confirmed by achieving a star based on fan participation. The way to participate in the event is so simple. If the fan of yeri donate the star you have worked hard to Yeri's birthday market, you will be able to apply for it. Stars can be easily obtained by performing various activities on the site or completing various missions.

Y eri is the youngest member of the group, she’s been loved by the fans because of her cute charm. Attention is focusing on whether she will be able to receive surprise birthday presents from fans as she has captivated world wide fans beyond Korea.

The FAN N STAR opened Yeri's birthday project on February 2 last year. It was achieved 100 percent of the fans' enthusiastic love. From February 27 to March 5 of the same year, Yeri's birthday celebration video was shown on a display board 100 meters away from Shinjuku Shinokubo Station in Tokyo, Japan.

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