[The Fact] The group, Wanna One, has topped the list of singers rank in “FAN N STAR”, Wanna One won the top place with 1,5496,606 votes in the first week of "FAN N STAR" held from 4th to 11th. Ryeo wook came in second with 1,465,834 votes, and third with Hwang Chi yeol, 123,991 votes.

"FAN N STAR" will show the news of the first place on the electronic display board in Shinjuku, Japan, if an artist wins the first place for five consecutive weeks. If he wins the title for 10 consecutive weeks, he will join the Hall of Fame. it provides various special benbefits such as showing news of the award through electronic display boards located in Korea and Japan.

Nick name 'windfateis' said “Wanna one can you see, and hear.. Wannable is always be on your side and cheering for 11 stars. Congratulation of singer Rank No. 1 and we are waiting for you forever”

Nick name '옹비드황제' said “We love Wanna One, Every moment i was with Wanna One, it was so happy. I'll be waiting Wanna One for the rest of the my life.

Wanna One contract was terminated on December 31, 2018. After signing off, they paid their love to fans by holding a four day concert at Go cheok Sky Dome from January 24 to 27 in 2019.

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