[The Fact] "FAN N STAR," an idol weekly website operate by The Fact, has released electronic display boards that are playing in Korea and Japan, successfully supporting the birthdays of J-Hope of the BTS.

Last 18th, "FAN N STAR" released a video of J-Hope's birthday being shown at CGV in Apgujeong, Seoul. On January 19, ‘FAN N STAR’ held a birthday support event for J-Hope and achieved 900 percent. The announcement has confirmed large screens located in Tokyo from the 12th to 18th, CGV screens in Apgujeong, Seoul, electronic display boards in 43 subway stations on Seoul Line 2, foreign-only Travel Bus commercials and multivision advertisements in Hongdae Station.

The video shows the comments and photos of fans who participated in J-Hope's birthday support.

The nick name ‘홉츄러스’ said “J-Hope is a valuable person who always gives us strength and makes us feel happy.” And nick name ‘정호석이정답’ said “The most precious and shining person J-Hope. Congratulations on your 26th birthday. I love you, J-Hope.”

The nick name ‘HOBIJ’ said “thanks for exist J-Hope, Happy birthday” and nick name ‘FLORESCENCE’ said “you are my only flower since I knew you” and nick name ‘hope2manri’ said “I will support J-Hope's 2019 with the best passion, talent and warm heart.”

FAN N STAR will host the 'The Fact Music Awards' at the southeastern Gymnasium in Incheon on April 24.

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