Girl group Lovelyz is going to make a successful concert in Korea and start their Asian tour.

The agency Woollim Entertainments said "Lovelyz will go on an Asian tour to Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan in March following the Japanese promotion and concerts in Korea," 

Lovelyz successfully completed their first solo concert in 2019 at the Grand Auditorium of Yonsei University in Seoul from the 14th to the 17th.

Lovelyz drew enthusiastic response from the Japanese promotion on last month of 15th, and deliver the heat to all parts of Asia, following the nation.

Woollim Entertainments said "At the release showcase of Lovelyz's mini album 'Fall in Lovelyz' in 2017, Baby Soul said, 'We want to go on an Asian tour.' "The company has been steadily pushing forward with it and We’re going on an Asian tour thanks to requests from many foreign fans," 

Lovelyz made her debut with "Candy Jelly Love" in November 2014, and captured the hearts of many male fans with cute musical concepts such as "Ac-Choo," "Now, We," "Twinkle" and "Lost and Found"

Lovelyz will start their Asian tour from the Singapore concert on March 17 to Hong Kong on the 24th and Taiwan on the 31st, and concentrate on preparing for the tour for the time being.

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