The Boyz introduced web entertainment show "Mission the Boyz- 2019: Golden Pig EP" on their official SNS channels from 16th to 17th and for two days, drawing attention from fans.

In the released video, showed the members of The Boyz who visited the amusement park divided into two teams and six teams to complete the mission. The Boyz went all over the amusement park and continued various missions, including wearing pig items, making hearts in three stages, and loving relays, bringing smiles to viewers.

Especially The Boyz visited the amusement park in a plainclothes fashion with the unique characteristics of each of the 12 people, and captured the eyes of the citizens on the scene with a unique and perfect visual.

Members of The Boyz traveled from rides to ice rink, had a samgyupsal dinner after completing their mission to match the name of "Golden Pig EP." The Boyz said "As it is the Year of the Golden Pig, we will support our fans for everything they do for our fans,"

The Boyz met with fans last January at the Olympic Hall in Seoul's Olympic Park, holding their first fan con "The Castle." Starting with Tokyo in May, The Boyz will expand the size of its fan cone to eight Asian cities including Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan and the Philippines to visit global fans.

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