[THE FACT] Daniel Kang, who was one of the group Wanna One, has entered the Hall of Fame by ranking 1st for 10 consecutive weeks at Individual Ranking of ‘FANNSTAR’.

From 18th to 25th, ‘FANNSTAR’ had weekly voting for the 3rd week of February with the subject ‘The idol star to have a date with under the moonlight is?’. Daniel Kang ranked 1st at Individual Ranking by gaining 456,662 votes. Followed by JR of Nu’Est who ranked 2nd with 92,165 votes and Oh HeeJoon of KNK ranked 3rd by gaining 59,096 votes.

‘FANNSTAR’ screens the congratulation video of ranking first at the electric board located in Hongdae Station and Shinjuku, Japan when the artist ranks 1st for 5 consecutive weeks in individual ranking. Also, when they ranks 1st for 10 weeks, the artists enters Hall of Fame of FANNSTAR. Especially, through the electric boards of Korea and Japan, the Awarding news are screened as well as with other benefits. 

With the news of Daniel Kang ranking 1st, the nickname ‘우리다시만나넬’ has sent the message saying “Daniel Kang, I am so proud and happy being your fan. Will always pray for your path to be flowery.”, and ‘windfatels’ said, “The star I would like to be with and have conversation under the moonlight with the bonfire is you.. only you.. Daniel Kang… I saw you but I wanna see you again.. Thank you for showing good sides of Daniel Kang before the side effect of stopping Daniel Kang gets worse, even it was short…! We, the Lovepick supports you with more strength… Let’s keep it up together for the day we meet again our Lovely Daniel Kang.. Congratulations for the consecutive rank 1!”. 

Meanwhile, the ‘FANNSTAR’ will hold ‘THE FACT MUSIC AWARDS’ at Namdong Gymnasium located in Incheon Namdong-gu on April 24th.

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