[THE FACT] "Let’s walk happy soft road like cloud"
‘FANNSTAR’, where the Fan and Stars are together, has opened the birthday event of Ha SungWoon, who was part of the group Wanna One, last 22nd. It is a birthday advertising project to celebrate the birthday of Ha SungWoon on the 22nd of the next month.

The birthday market of Ha SungWoon is a global event which the birthday celebration advertisement will be displayed in major center of cities in Korea and Japan. As much as the star points will be contributed to the project by the fans, the celebration advertisement will be displayed in more places.

Participating this support is every simple. Fans will just have to donate their star points that are gained from various activities within the website. The number of votes are unlimited.

As of 27th, the birthday project of Ha SungWoon has achieved 79%. “Let’s walk soft road as cloud”, “Wish you will be the singer who will always shine”, “Every day is happy because of Ha SungWoon~^^”, and other birthday messages are pouring.

Ha SungWoon had his debut with the single album ‘Take A Shot’ of the group HotShot last 2014. While continuing his group activity, he attended the ‘Produce 101 Season 2’ of Mnet and was able to expose more to the public. Afterwards, he recorded top 11th on the finals and was able to be one of the project group Wanna One.
Ha SungWoon, who was explosively beloved by the fans while being active as the member of Wanna One for a year and a half. Many are paying attention whether his birthday project to celebrate his one special day will succeed or not.

On the other hand, Ha SungWoon who ended the official activity as Wanna One, released his first solo mini album ‘My Moment’ on the 28th.

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