[The FACT] The group Wanna One has ranked first for three consecutive weeks at Artist Ranking of ‘FANNSTAR’.

Wanna One has ranked first by gaining 390,403 votes at artist ranking for the 3rd week of February held by ‘FANNSTAR’ from 18th to 25th. Followed by Hwang ChiYeul with 144,839 votes as 2nd, and Ryeowook ranked 3rd with 134,300 votes.

When the artist ranks 1st for 5 consecutive weeks at Artist Ranking, ‘FANNSTAR’ displays the congratulatory news of ranking first on the electric boards located in Korea and Shinjuku, Japan. Also, the artists enters the Hall of Fame when raking 1st for 10 consecutive weeks. Especially, through the electric boards located in Korea and Japan, they offer various benefits such as news of winning an awards, and others.

With the news of Wanna One ranking 1st, the nickname ‘녤손가락’ said, “Wanna One will be remembers forever even the spring winds will pass away, I love you. Where ever the 11 members will be, I won’t forget and will be together with you! Congratulations again for being 1st in Artist ranking again this week!”. Nickname “집이되어줄께’ said “Wanna One, Hope people you meet wherever you go will love you and offer you kindness today as well.. Wanna One who is most lovely in the world”.

The nickname 'windfateis' said, “I miss you… Wanna One.. Good Job… I love You… Yoon JiSung, Ha SungWoon, Hwang Minhyun, Ong Seongwoo, Kang Daniel, Kim Jaehwan, Park JiHoon, Park WooJin, Bae JinYoung, Lee DaeHwi, Lai Kuan Lin… Wanna One. Never seen idols who are pretty and handsome in any sides like our Wanna Ones… I loved you, a lot.. Will still love you in the future.. We meet again after spring wind passes by.. Will be chirping a lot if you don’t keep your promise.. These are the messages of the Wannables towards Wanna One.. We, the Wannables will always miss Wanna One and are always supporting beautifully.. Hope our 11 stars will be shining and have good daily life... Congratulations for ranking 1st in FANNSTAR!”

Meanwhile, Wanna One as dissolved last December 31, 2018. Afterwards, the members started their individual activities and are meeting their fans now.

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