The singer IU and actress Jin SeoYeon predicted the fancy action in the new M/V of Epik High.

Epik High has released the final teaser video of the new album ‘sleepless in ______________’ title song ‘LOVEDRUNK (ft. CRUSH)’ M/V ahead of its release through the official YouTube channel at midnight of 8th.

IU and Jin SeoYeon was staring each other and was running towards each other at the end of the teaser video and the curiosity on what will happen in the full M/V of ‘LOVEDRUNK’ has increased. 
Especially, this M/V was directed by the director and a screenwriter, Bae Jong, who was the director of the movie ‘Welcome to Dongmakgol’, so the M/V is getting more interests on its prediction of the story like a movie and the fancy and spectacular video skills.

The new album ‘sleepless in ___________’, which became an issue ahead of its release with the participation of superlative artists such as BTS Suga, Crush, Sunwoo Jung Ah, Code Kunst, Yuna, etc., is grabbing hot response and interests of the fans with the M/V star cast of IU and Jin SeoYeon.

Meanwhile, the new album ‘sleepless in _______’ of Epik High released through various online soundtrack sites at 6 pm of 11th afternoon, and the album can be ordered through the major online album sites.

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