The new group DONGKIZ will appear as a cameo in the SBS Drama "Big Issue"

The agency of Dongkiz said "Dongkiz will appear in 'Big Issue,' which will air at 10 p.m. on the 13th, It was the first time shooting a drama, but it ended up in a relaxed mood. We hope you look forward to it."

In 'Big Issue,' Dongkiz plays the role of an idol group. As they are about to make their official debut, Dongkiz plans to meet viewers with various charms and not awkward looks in the same situation as reality.

Especially, Han Ye seul plays the role of Ji Soo hyun in "Big Issue," is expected to give warm encouragement and support to nervous members, and the warm atmosphere that continued throughout the filming will be conveyed through the drama.

The agency of Dongkiz said "It was an honor to participate in a drama work. We learned a lot and thank you for the opportunity to greet in various directions at a time when We’re about to make my debut. We hope you'll be able to watch our future activities as well."

Dongkiz has been promoting their free debut album "NOM" since it released last November, is now stepping up preparations for their debut.

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