[The Fact] 'Irene's Birthday Ad Project Achieved 27%!'

"FAN N STAR" held a birthday event for the group Red Velvet Irene on first day of this month. Currently, 27% of corresponding project has been achieved.

Irene's birthday market is a global event where domestic and foreign fans can participate together. Success is determined by achieving star (point) according to fan participation.

Participation in the project is possible at the "Star Market" section of the "FAN N STAR" website. It is a way to donate stars that fans have worked hard to the Irene Birthday project. Stars can be easily obtained by performing various activities on the site or completing various missions.

FAN N STAR opened Irene's birthday project on March 2 last year. It has surpassed 200 percent due to fans' enthusiastic love. A congratulatory video of Irene's birthday was shown on the electronic display board at Shinjuku Shinokubo Station in Tokyo from 27th to 2nd of the same month and the display at the reception hall at 43 stations on subway line 2 in Seoul.

The birthday ad support, which was held this year, runs until 17th. Attention is focusing on whether the remaining event period will be successful.

The member of Red Velvet Irene released a Japanese digital single 'Sayonara' in Korea on 8th.

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