Group The Boyz will return today with a new song "Blue Bloom" featuring a pleasant spell.
At 6 p.m. on Monday, The Boyz will unveil the album of his second single "Bloom Bloom" and the title track of the same name on major music sites, and will hold his first major comeback activity in 2019. On the same day, The Boyz will be the first to meet with fans at 7:30 p.m. on Naver V Live to celebrate the release of the new song live .

The Boyz's second single, "Blue Bloom," which will be released today, is a "romantic fantasy" single that permeates the innocence and purity of 12 boys, and has a large number of Korean and foreign composers including Iran, Wonderkid, Hwang Yu-bin and e.one. The new report, which includes a total of three new songs, including the title track "Blue Bloom," has members Sun-woo and Eric taking the lead in the song's lyrics, helping add to Der Boise's fresh "boy sensibility."

Marked as the title song, "Bloom Bloom" is a pop dance number overlowing with both calm and pure energy is affiliated with Electro House. The cheerful lyrics of "Bloom Bloom Pow," reminiscent of the image of a boy in his first love blooming and bursting into flames, adds to his charm.

In addition, "Butterfly" has an impressive dreamy atmosphere and delicate vocals, and "Clover," a fan song, is written and completed with cool sound by all members. Hich portrays the colorful feelings of a boy who has blossomed after a transformation, is very well-composed.

The music video for the title song "Bloom Bloom," which is set to be released at noon today, is also drawing expectations.

The Blum Bloom music video consists of a story about a UFO which fell to Earth while wandering through space on a lost planet and the boys who found it again instills love. With a cute and luscious SF-style production that incorporates animation techniques, the company will confirm The Boyz's chubby charm
In particular, the upcoming music video draws attention as director Shin Hee-won, who has been loved for his unique directing skills, works with various artists such as FnGuide, Red Velvet and BTOB.

As such, it is expected that The Boyz, who won seven new-rookie titles from last year to the "The Fact Music Awards" on Monday, will be able to prove the unrivaled dignity of the new single "Blue Bloom" in 2019 and once again in five months.

Meanwhile, at 6 p.m. today (June 29), The Boyz will meet its fans through the release of the new song "Bloom Bloom" and live V, as well as continue its journey of the first Asian tour "The Castle" in eight Asian cities starting in May, starting in Japan.

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